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We have

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Fun Facts

Franklin Aerospace should be open for business on or around May 20.

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Fun Facts

The owner, Kelly Bartlett is from the Mid-West and grew up on a farm.

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Fun Facts

The first official parts request for business came around 9 PM on May 6, 2013.

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Fun Facts

We are located in Thomasville, NC which has a population of about 27,000.

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Fun Facts

Franklin Aerospace has the world's largest inventory of Franklin Engine Parts under one roof.

Getting Ready for Business

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"Who we are and What we do"

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Franklin Aerospace Engine Parts Business


1. Premier provider of Franklin Aircraft Engine Parts and Engine Overhauls.

2. Inventory and manufacturer of genuine Franklin engine parts.

3. Highly seasoned management team, supported by top advisors and staff.

Engine Parts

The company will provide new & refurbished Franklin engines, Franklin engine spare parts, plus a range of maintenance & refurbishing services to current owners of Franklin Engine Models.

Also we provide design and manufacturing of new engine models to sell to current manufacturers of single and multi-engine airframes.

Engine Overhauls

Franklin Aerospace provides repair and overhaul of Franklin Engines through our destinated overhaul component, Southern Aero.

It is our goal to provide for our customers the same quality and reliability of service that you deserve and expect from your Franklin Engine.


We shall strive to be the leader in the Franklin engine parts industry, sensitive to the requirements of our customers providing the highest quality products and services, unequaled value, and unequaled customer satisfaction. We shall create and nurture a healthy, safe, respectful work environment in which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the product we produce. We encourage open communications, rewarding our employees for innovation and creativity. We seek fair, responsible profit, are dedicated to financial responsibility, and observe the highest business ethic.
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